Minnesota Oromo Community Issues Press Release

Published Dec. 9, 2021, 7:32 p.m. by FNN


Whereas Minnesota is a home to over 40,000 strong Oromo descendants, the largest Oromo diaspora, a second homeland, which Oromos love and call “Little Oromia”.


Whereas the leadership of Oromo Community of Minnesota, and the leaders and scholars of Oromo Religious Institutions in Minnesota have held an emergency meeting to address the current crisis in Oromia and hate speech against Oromo Muslims, and adherents of Islamic faith.


Whereas all leaders have repeatedly expressed their commitment to uphold, protect and secure the unbreakable natural bond of the Oromo nation, under all circumstances, and agreed to face all challenges and threats in unison.


Whereas all leaders have expressed their commitment and determination to stand in unison against all forms of destructive behaviors, actions and individuals who threaten the unity and the wellbeing of the Oromo nation.


Whereas all leaders have reached on common understanding regarding the recent hate speech that was leveled against Oromo Muslims is an attack on all Oromos and all faiths.


Whereas all leaders have unanimously agreed that such a behavior violates the very fundamental values, ethical, moral norms and decency of the Oromo nation; that it is a belligerent act of shame and transgression of human decency that our nation should never ever tolerate.


Whereas all leaders have unanimously and collectively condemned in the strongest terms possible, the hateful speech, the destructive behavior, the irresponsible action, the individual perpetrator, as well as, the enabler account holder of the Facebook Media.


Whereas all leaders have unanimously and collectively entered into a commitment to pursue all possible legal avenues,  procedures, proceedings, and bring the perpetrator to the court of law, to face justice.


Whereas all leaders have unanimously and collectively agreed to mobilize the nation to support and carry the financial costs for the legal mechanism and proceedings as children of one nation - irrespective of faith, place of birth and any other affiliation and/or persuasion.


Whereas all leaders have agreed to direct all children of the nation to support the legal path unanimously, and stand together for their rights, re-focus their attention on how to overcome the ever worsening political, social, economic, humanitarian crisis and existential threats, the Oromo nation is facing daily.


Whereas all leaders have unanimously and collectively agreed to create an all-inclusive Oromo national institutional framework and rules that will empower the nation to mitigate, manage and control the damages of such destructive individuals, behaviors and actions against any, and/or all faiths within our society.


Hereby resolved that:


We, all stand together as one person, and speak in one voice to uphold, secure, protect and promote the unity of Oromo nation, united by and in front of the Almighty Creator through our flesh-blood-and-bones, our shared collective sacrifices and common history.


We, all stand together as one person, and speak in one voice to uphold and promote mutual-respect and peaceful co-existence of our citizens, by respecting all forms of diversity in our society.


We, all stand together as one person, speak in one voice and continue our collective endeavors to be free from all forms of abuses, dehumanization, defamations, exploitations, oppressions, and restore our fundamental human rights, national dignity, national pride, and the right to live on our land (Oromia) freely; without fear and intimidation.


Unity is strength!


Peace and tranquility for our nation!


Tuesday, December 07, 2021

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