Amharas discuss a plan to commit ethnic cleaning on Oromos

Published April 3, 2021, 2:32 a.m. by FNN


The Amhara extremists are recorded while they were discussing a plan to commit ethnic cleansing on Oromos. In the included video that was circulating on social media, the speaker says they have to kill the Oromos; they have to make Oromos' lives miserable and drive them out of the Oromia Special Zones in Amhara. The speaker also says they must resettle the Amharas from different areas in Oromia to Finfinne special zones in Oromia state and in Amhara zones. He calls on the Amhara women to intice the Ethiopian military with their women power and wisdom to get weapons and kill the Oromos. The speaker hopes the Amhara women would excel at killing the Oromos. 

Watch the Amharic video at the end of the page.


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