Ethiopian government's aerial attack kills hundreds of Oromo civilians

Published Oct. 27, 2022, 4:55 a.m. by FNN



The Ethiopian government intensified aerial attacks on civilians in Oromia killing hundreds beginning in mid-October 2022. On October 19th, the regime killed over 50 Oromo civilians in the Chobi district in the West Shawa zone of Oromia. This attack began earlier this month in the Meta Walqixxe district of West Shawa. Overall, the regime has conducted aerial attacks in Meta Walqixxe, Chobi, Nunu Qunba, and many other districts in Oromia. 
This aerial attack suggests the regime is losing on the ground to the offensive by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). The OLA had driven the regime forces from towns in central Oromia. A report that FNN received suggested the regime forces were terrified to engage the OLA forces. OLA has exponentially increased in number, and its attack against the Prosperity Party forces that are also fighting the Tigray Defense Forces has become more and more costly for PP forces. Just a day after the regime conducted a drone attack on Meta Walqixxe, our informants said the regime forces could not retrieve their wounded and killed colleagues in central Oromia. Our sources said the regime forces were discussing drone attacks citing the OLA outnumbers them. 
The drone attack by the PP government on civilians was highly graphic, and casualties involved children and the elderly. It is unclear why the regime is targeting civilians. The Ethiopian government has also previously targeted Oromo civilians, killing large numbers in Wallo, Adea Berga, Abuna Gindabaret, and Gindabaret districts of Oromia in 2021. 

The Oromo Liberation Front/Oromo Liberation Army, the Oromo Liberation Front (Finfinne), and the Oromo Federalist Congress have strongly denounced the current aerial attack against Oromo civilians. The Oromo political organizations have called for the international communities and powerful and democratic nations to stop the civilian attack by the Ethiopian government.

The Ethiopian regime intensified its offensive both in Tigray and Oromia to display power during the negotiation between TPLF and PP that is currently taking place in South Africa. At this moment, the Ethiopian ruling party is using the country's military infrastructure to attack the Oromo and Tigrayan civilians and is fighting against the two liberation armies representing these nations- the Oromo Liberation Army and the Tigray Defense Force. If it were not for drone and aerial attacks and the Eritrean military support to the regime, it could have been already removed from power by the two most potent liberation forces. With the help of the Eritrean government, which is paying back the 1998 to 2000 war debt over Badime and Shiraro, the Ethiopian regime has made the TPLF/TDF restless. The ENDF and allied forces are said to have captured Shire, Axum, Korem, and Almata. In 2021, it took only six months for the TDF to overrun the ENDF and dislodge them from the regional capital Mekele. TPLF/TDF is a war-hardened, highly experienced rebel force that enjoys battle like a sports game. It is a matter of time until it starts fighting back to drive the invading forces from Tigray. 

The war is getting bloodier by the day. The Ethiopian and Eritrean governments are directly targeting Oromo and Tigray civilians. It is a matter of survival for the Oromo people and the Tigray people to fight for their self-determination. The call for international intervention is not getting enough attention as the war in Ukraine overshadows the Ethiopian war. Russia, India, and China prevented a recent attempt by the UN Security Council to issue a statement calling for the end of violence in Tigray. The global community needs to do more to enforce the cessation of hostilities by the Ethiopian government.  

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