Execution of 31 detained civilians in one village within 6 days.

Published July 19, 2022, 5:58 p.m. by FNN


OSG Press Release. 

PRESS RELEASE 19 July 2022

On 18 July, OSG received information from the OLF, via its representative in Australia, of the detention, extortion, torture and execution of 31 civilians in a single village, Qondala 01, Begi district, West Wallega zone of Oromia Region, within six days, 10-15 July.

Ethiopian National Defence Forces Central Command, 7th Division, were responsible. Two of the executed men, fathers of 3 and 4 children, were promised release on payment of 50,000 and 100,000 Birr (£800 & £1600). These sums were paid but ‘they were killed anyway’ and thrown on the street. The slaughtered men included fathers of 9, 5, 4, and 3 children. One father with a single child was a teacher, but most of the 31 civilians who were called out and executed over six days were young men.

OSG has now recorded over 650 killings of civilians from January to May 2022 (shortly to be published in OSG Report 60), despite the government’s monitoring and regular closure of internet access, presence of military rule throughout most of Oromia Region, tele-communications shutdowns and summary execution of civilians taking photographs as evidence.

Civilian deaths were most prevalent in West Showa zone, where almost half of the killings (262) took place. On several occasions; for example in North Showa at Warra Jarso, in East Showa at Bishoftu, and in Horo Guduru in Kiramu district, summary executions were carried out en masse. Most mass killings were of young men with their hands tied behind their backs, some when lying on the ground.

The number of civilians killed by government and pro-government forces in Oromia accelerated in April, as expected from the heralded government crackdown on OLA ‘and its associates’ (OSG Press Release 2 May 2022). Over one third of the killings (247) were in April, but the onslaught continues. West Showa and Horo Guduru, where Amhara territorial ambitions are high are where the killings have been most prevalent (262 and 114 respectively). The numbers of civilians killed in West Wallega (89) reflect the government’s determination to eradicate OLA from that area.

On 27 June, Presidents of Amhara and Oromia regional states announced a joint endeavour to wipe out OLA. Following this pact, heavily armed military convoys of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces and other forces have entered Oromia in different directions from Amhara Regional State, according to the OLF on 4 July. Further atrocities are expected.

The murdered men were:

  1. Tasfa Mahamad, father of 4, promised release on payment of 100,000 Birr (£1600). Despite payment he was killed and his body thrown on the street.
  2. Malaku Gamora, father of 3, promised release on payment of 50,000 Birr (£800) but ‘was killed anyway’ despite payment being made.
  3. Shakaru Jamal
  4. Sadam Harun
  5. Mahamad Huseen Haj
  6. Mahamudi Mahamad
  7. Sadiq Yunus
  8. Abdo Sadeta
  9. Tarikuu Kibabu
  10. Gajosa Tafari
  11. Mulu Kaba
  12. Kinfaye Yayiqob
  13. Mahamad Dhiyesa
  14. Abdulayi Jiba
  15. Jafar Liqixi
  16. Aba Gadaa Musa Waltaji, father of 9
  17. Ramatalaha Gate, father of 5
  18. Sa’id Babo, father and teacher
  19. Aliyi Hasan
  20. Abdulqadir Ahimad
  21. Yayiqob Ahimad
  22. Sadiq Maco
  23. Adam Dangula
  24. Tawakal Hika
  25. Habib Mahamad
  26. Yayiqob Musxafa
  27. Abdurahim Ragas
  28. Dawit Xaha
  29. Bashir Dingata
  30. Dingata Badhasa
  31. Kinfee Tarrafa


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