The condition in Ethiopia is deteriorating

Published Jan. 28, 2021, 6:32 p.m. by FNN


The political condition in Ethiopia has been deteriorating in the last few months. Since the ruling party ignored the advice of the Oromo Liberation Front and Oromo Federalist Congress for national dialogue and reconciliation and unilaterally postponed the election that was slated to be held at the end of August 2020, it has been frantically running around attacking legally registered opposition parties, particularly the most popular and dominant Oromo Liberation Front. Most of the leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front, such as Colonel Gamachu Ayana, Abdi Ragassa, Lami Benya, Dr. Gada Oljira, Prof. Bayana Ruda,  Dawit Abdata, Michael Boran, Aman File, Yaso Kababa, and etc. and Oromo Federalist Congress leaders such as Baqala Garba, Jawar Mohammed, and Hamza Borana are among the high-profile Oromo political leaders who have been denied justice and have been languishing behind bars without any crime and fair trial. The prisoners of conscience are denied any justice. Whenever the court trials acquit them, the police and the prosecutor, who are loyal to the ruling party, transfer the prisoners to different jails and level new charges against them to keep the influential and seasoned Oromo politicians in prison for extended durations to clear way for an uncontested election. Moreover, the Oromo Liberation Front and Oromo Federalist Congress's central and regional offices are ransacked, their properties and documents are confiscated without any crime. The ruling party is well aware that it will be easily defeated in Oromia if free and fair elections were to be held.

The imprisoned Oromo political leaders are required to pay bail bonds after each trial and are forced to pay the bonds while they are not released. The ruling party has prevented Dawud Ibsa, the chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front, from opening the head quarter of OLF and has highly restricted his movement. The Prosperity Party, the party created by the former (currently acting) prime minister Abiy Ahmed to facilitate transition into dictatorship, has derailed the expected democratic transition and has fast sunk the Ethiopian empire into chaos.         

In another news, the acting prime minister disappeared from the media for over two weeks due to undisclosed reasons, but unverified information indicates he has been seriously sick and was taken to hospitals in western countries. The rumors suggest that he was taken to a hospital in Italy last week by a Saudi Arabian air ambulance, while others suggest he had also visited a hospital in Boston, MA, USA, earlier this year. In pictures circulating on social media today, he appeared highly distraught and mentally absent. It seems that he might have been sick, whether it was psychological or physical.

In other news, the wars in the Tigray and Oromia regions have continued despite the self-declared prime minister announcing victory in Tigray earlier . Human rights organizations, the UN, and the USA have seriously warned about the violence, mainly focusing on civilians, particularly children, and women. Five former US ambassadors to Ethiopia wrote an open letter to Abiy Ahmed stressing the deteriorating human rights situation in Tigray and demanding the Eritrean troops' withdrawal from Ethiopia. The same sentiment was echoed by the departing US ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael Rayner, while World Health Organization warns of a disease outbreak in Tigray.  

In a separate news, belligerent atmosphere has been widely reported between Ethiopia and Sudan on border issues. Both sides have escalated the situation and it is a matter of time before a full-blown war breaks down.  
If the global communities would not intervene and create a conducive atmosphere for a peaceful dialogue and prepare a free and fair election, the Ethiopian empire will eventually disintegrate into several countries. 


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