OGF-Press Release: Urgent Appeal to Oromo Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike and a National call to the Oromo people

Published Feb. 16, 2021, 12:55 a.m. by FNN


Dear beloved sons and daughters of the Oromo Nation currently on Hunger Strike in Ethiopian Prisons,
We have been following closely, and with grave concern, the hunger strike protests you have been conducting from Ethiopian prisons
where you are detained unjustly in the first place. We are very proud of your sacrifices, sense of honor, dignity and steadfastness to
honor your solemn vows to lead our struggle at a great cost to your personal lives and that of your families. You have comported
yourselves with honesty and integrity befitting true Oromo leaders. May your determination and heroism be a shining example to
each and every one of our compatriots at this critical time in the Oromo struggle, and going forward!
Dear beloved leaders,
The hunger strike you are conducting has given visibility to the Oromo nation’s situation and has shaken the conscience of many on
national and international scale. It has drawn world attention to the injustices our nation suffers every day in that empire, the abuses
of our people’s fundamental rights, and the lack of rule of law and justice. The nation, and the world, has heard you loud and clear,
and understand your plight. For this. We are confident that we speak for many in this nation when we say the Oromo nation is
indebted to you and stands with you.

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