Published June 13, 2021, 12:57 p.m. by FNN


The Oromo communities in North America issued a resolution on the current situation in Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018 as the immediate result of the Oromo revolution that weakened the Tigray People Liberation Front dominated Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). Abiy Ahmed promised to transition the country to democracy over the two years leading up to an election in 2020 and initially released thousands of political prisoners, invited home political organizations previously outlawed by his regime, and promised justice based on the rule of law. 

However, he surrounded himself with elites from the Amhara ethnic group who aspire a return to the pre-1991 Ethiopian ruling system where Amhara dominates every aspect of Ethiopian life. Abiy romanticized past Amhara emperors and erected statues after statues in his palace. 

He did not waste time targeting the Oromo Liberation Front leaders and members, having them arrested and thrown into jails without any crime and denying them justice. The offices opened by the Oromo Liberation Front were shut down by force, and many mid-level leaders and lower leaders of OLF were brutally murdered in a manner similar to the Abiy government's action in the early 1990s. 

Abiy Ahmed's regime forced the Oromo Liberation Front that was welcomed to the capital by more than five million members, supporters, and fans out of the June election. Similarly, the Oromo Federalist Congress leaders are jailed based on trumped-up charges for fear of challenge during the election. 

So, Abiy Ahmed dashed the hopes of the Oromo people for change and peace and made the execution of the Oromo people a day-to-day activity.

He waged war on the Tigray people and put millions of Tigrayan civilians at risk of famine and food insecurity.  

Abiy Ahmed and his cronies are ready to hold a sham election that excludes the representatives of the 50 million Oromo people, the Tigray people who elected TPLF in 2020, and the representatives of the Somalis in Ogaden. Overall, close to 70 million people in Ethiopia have no genuine representation in the election as their most popular political organizations are denied free and fair electoral environment. 

That is why the Oromo people based in Oromia and abroad reject the election and its results. 

The Oromo people outside the country hold a month-long campaign to denounce the election that excluded the Oromo political parties. The election is just meant to crown Abiy Ahmed for a continued mayhem and deterioration in the Ethiopian empire and the horn of Africa.

A full text of the resolution is attached below. 




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