WBO-OLA Brief Communique

Published April 1, 2021, 8:26 p.m. by FNN


The purpose of this brief communique is to clarify to all stakeholders what the OLA’s raison d’etre and objectives are. It highlights the rationale for OLA’s continued military engagement with the dictatorial clique currently residing in Menelik’s palace. By now we believe that the international community is aware of the plight faced by the Oromo people throughout history*. 

For many it is puzzling why the Oromo people, numerous in number and residing in some of the most resource-rich part of Africa, succumbed to oppression of successive minority regimes. Many possible factors may explain this anomaly. In OLA’s understanding, the following factors contributed to our people’s predicament: 

  • The policy of disarmament enforced specifically on Oromo communities. since the early 19th Century. Oromos are historically settled in the hinterlands of North-East Africa with limited access to sea and by implication to the World. The geographic isolation means that Oromos had limited access to new knowledge and innovations- including modern weaponry, and limited opportunity for diplomatic relations with modern nations. 

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