Oromo Liberation Army issues condolences for passing of comrade Dr. Tadasse Eebba Fido

Published May 3, 2022, 9:52 p.m. by FNN


Dr. Taddasaa  Eebbaa Fidoo, a well known Oromo political leader and dimplomat who had served in the Oromo Liberation Front for over four decades passed away on May 1, 2022 after battling brain cancer for the last few years. Dr. Fidoo was one of the pioneers of the Oromo struggle for independence and he is loved by millions of people in Oromia and accross the world.

Dr. Fidoo was a seasoned diplomat, a determined and unwavering poltical leader who advanced the Oromo struggle for independence. He was among those who introduced the Oromo people to the world and played a great role in awakening the Oromo people. He was instrumental in paving the way for the Oromo freedom fighters educating the people of the horn of east Africa about the cause of the Oromo people. Among so many things, Dr. Fidoo contributed a book titled Gada Melba one of the first few books written in Afaan Oromo. Gada Melba was helpful in awakening the Oromo people to understand their history.

Dr. Fido was a generous soul who was always willing to help others despite the harsh political environments in which him and his comrades operated. 

Dr. Fidoo was a true hero, a role model of determination, a resourceful Oromo political leader, and a diplomat. The cause he advanced is currently taken over by millions of his strong sons and daughters who stepped up to take the torch he lit to the finish line. Dr. Fidoo is missed by millions of the Oromo people.    

The Finfinne News Network administration mournes the passing of Dr. Taddasaa Eebbaa Fidoo and send our condoleces to his families, friends, collegues, and to the Oromo people who lost one of its bright heroes. 

The full statement of the OLA condolece is found below.

Regarding the Passing of Comrade Dr. Taddasaa (Fidoo) Eebbaa 

(OLF-OLA Press Release) 

The OLF-OLA is deeply saddened to learn about the passing of Dr. Taddasaa Eebbaa, one of the pioneers of the Oromo struggle for national liberation. Dr. Fido was one of the very few founding members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). 

Born in Western Oromia, Dr. Fidoo attended primary education in Najjoo town and completed high school in Jimma. A hard-working, bright, and disciplined student, he earned his B. Sc. Degree from Haramaya University, M. Sc. From Wisconsin State University in the USA, and his Ph.D. degree in Genetics from British Columbia University in Canada and returned home to serve his people. His return home was short-lived as his Oromo nationalist views made him an object of harassment and intimidation by the Dergue regime whereupon he went into exile and joined the OLF leadership in Sudan, in 1979. 

One of the founders of our organization, the OLF, Dr. Fidoo served his people and the front with exceptional dedication and excellence for over four decades in various capacities at different times: as a member of the Central Committee (Gumii Sabaa), member of the Executive Committee (Shanee Gumii), Head of Finance, and as Head of the Foreign Affairs department of the OLF. 

On this day, as we mourn the passing of this celebrated son of the Oromo Nation, we at the OLF-OLA, honor his accomplishments as a scholar and as a freedom fighter. We eulogize his profound impact on the progress our struggle has made during his tenure. We particularly remember, with pride and reverence, Dr. Fidoo’s vital contributions to the opening and sustenance of the Western Command of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) during the brutal struggle against the Dergue dictatorship in the 1980s, long before most parts of Western Oromia came under the control of the OLA as we know it today. 

Dr. Fidoo, both as an individual and a symbol of the Oromo struggle for liberation, will remain one of the giants of our national movement for freedom and dignity. His passing will not hinder the inspiration his life’s work holds for the Oromo people. The OLF-OLA will strive to honor his legacy, and that of all the fallen heroes and heroines of our national movement, with a new generation of Oromo leaders. 

With the passing of this veteran of our struggle, we call upon all sons and daughters of our nation to join us in reaffirming our oath to the Oromo cause, to our people, and to each other. 

The OLF-OLA would like to offer its sincerest sympathies to his family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. 

May He Rest in Peace! 

OLF-OLA High Command 

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