The US in bed with Abiy Ahmed who is accused of genocide in Oromia

Published Dec. 16, 2022, 5:34 p.m. by FNN


The US is fast in bed with Abiy Ahmed who along with Fano Amhara terrorists and Eritrean forces is still murdering Oromo and Tigrayan civilians. The invitation of the Ethiopian head of state to the US-Africa Leaders Summit was not transparent and misleading from the beginning. When an African journalist Simon Ateba of Today News Africa asked the US government about who was invited to attend the summit from Ethiopia, the US government responded it was the head of state and implied it was the current Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewude and that the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was not invited. However, accompanied by chains of his loyalists, Abiy Ahmed and his wife showed at the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC from December 13 to December 15, 2022. The situation portrays Abiy Ahmed and his government enjoyed the warmest and coziest welcome in DC by the American Democratic Party government during the summit. At somepoint, Abiy Ahmed and his wife shared a family picture with the US Preseident Joseph R. Biden and the first lady Jill Biden as seen above. At another point, Abiy Ahmed was seen enjoying the World Cup match between Morocco and France along with President Joe Biden and few other African heads of states on December 13th. 


Since 2019, Abiy Ahmed has been very controversial and viewed by the global community as someone in the same ranks and file with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The ideology and strategy followed by Abiy Ahmed closely resemble that of both Hitler and Stalin. Just like Hitler wrote the Mein Kampf, Abiy Ahmed authored a book titled Mademer that is loosely translated as "addition". 

The US government knows well what has been happening in Oromia and Tigray over the last two years. Close to a  million Oromo and Tigrayan civilians have been killed by the Ethiopian government forces, Amhara Fano terrorists, and Eritrean allied forces.  While researchers have estimated the death tool in Tigray to close to   600,000, the same tactics and methods as in Tigray have been used in Oromia state as well over the same period. In Oromia, the most barbaric and savage terrorist actions were taken against Oromo civilins by Amhara Fano terrorists and Ethiopian governmnet forces over the two years. The barbaric acts included beheading victims, slitting throats, and burning pregnant women alive in their homes. This barbarism is still ongoing and the only force against this terrorism is the that of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). The OLA has been fighting to protect the civilians and has been following intertional war conventions to the tee.

However, the Fano terrorists and government forces sought the most vulnerable segements of the population such as the elderly, pregenant women, and children as their top targets and they did not spare any living or dead Oromo they found. Western nations delivberately ignored the situation in Oromia because they do not support the liberation movement in Oromia that might dismember the Ethiopian empire. As a result western media, human rights organizations, and western governments have paid  minimum or no attention to the crimes against humanity that is being committed against the Oromo people. It appears no amount of Oromo civilian massacre by the Ethiopian government and Amhara Fano terrorists would alter western nations' love affair with the Ethiopian empire.      

After conducting a short investigation into the war in Tigray and north Ethiopia that ignored the situation in Oromia, the UN International Commision of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia concluded the Ethiopian government and allied forces committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, rape, and extrajudicial killings. 

Despite the horrendous human right situation under Abiy Ahmed's leadership, the West is fast normalizing relationship with Abiy Ahmed government based solely on the peace deal that was held between the Abiy's government and the Tigray government in South Africa. The US made a huge effort to strike the deal between the waring parties shuttling between Finfinne and Mekele, Mekele and Seychelles, Mekele and Djibouti, and Mekele and Pretorea. Now Abiy Ahmed is enjoying warm welcome in DC even before any of the cessation of hostility agreement deal materialized in Tigray. Eritrean forces and Fano Amhara terrorists are still in Tigray- just yesterday the World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said his uncle was killed by Eritrean forces in Tigray, see here.

It seems, western nations have made up their mind and want to preserve one of the only standing colonial empires despite genocides and barberic acts against the Oromo and Tigrayan civilians. Western nations includng the US should adhere to their own democratic morals, values, and contitutions and hold the Abiy Ahmed government, Fano Amhara terorists, and Eritrean government accountable for the Oromo and Tigray genocide. Democratic nations should support the Oromo liberation movement for freedom, peace, justice, and democracy.           

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