The Peace Talks between the OLF-OLA and PP government of Ethiopia Concluded Without Agreement

Published Nov. 22, 2023, 9:13 p.m. by FNN


In a disappointing turn of events, the recent round of peace talks held in Dare Salam, Tanzania, between the Oromo Liberation Front-Oromo Liberation Army (OLF-OLA) and the Ethiopian Prosperity Government has concluded without reaching a peace deal. The OLF-OLA leadership, anticipating a transformative outcome for the Oromo people and the nation, expressed their deep disappointment with the Ethiopian government's approach during the negotiations.

In a statement released by OLF-OLA representatives, it was highlighted that the OLF-OLA engaged its highest leadership in this round of talks with the hope of addressing the fundamental problems underlying the seemingly insurmountable security and political challenges facing the country, particularly in the Oromia region. The OLF-OLA presented a series of inclusive proposals from Zanzibar to Dare Salam, seeking a meaningful change in the governance of the Oromia region.

However, according to the OLF-OLA, the Ethiopian government exhibited a pattern of prioritizing the co-optation of OLF-OLA leadership over addressing the core issues raised by the Oromo people. The OLF-OLA accused the government of lacking genuine interest in resolving the deep-rooted problems and instead focusing on superficial solutions.

The OLF-OLA's statement emphasized that their proposals were aimed at negotiating a space for meaningful change in the governance structure of Oromia, but the Ethiopian government's stance appeared to be obstructive. The OLF-OLA leadership expressed their commitment to the aspirations of the Oromo people and their determination to continue the struggle for justice, self-determination, and an inclusive political landscape.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian government, in a regretful acknowledgment of the unsuccessful talks, placed blame on the intransigence and unrealistic demands of the OLF-OLA. The government expressed gratitude to the facilitators, observers, and the host country, Tanzania, for their efforts in pursuing peace. Despite the government's regret, it justified its position, stating that it had been flexible and accommodating but was met with an obstructive approach from the OLF-OLA.

As the peace talks conclude without an agreement, the Oromo people and the international community remain hopeful for a peaceful resolution to the longstanding conflicts in the Oromia region. The OLF-OLA, despite the setback, maintains its dedication to the cause and its pursuit of justice and self-determination for the Oromo people. The path forward remains uncertain, but the voices of the Oromo people continue to echo the call for meaningful change and lasting peace in the region.

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