Ethiopian Prime Minister Faces Internal Strife and fires Minister of Peace Taye Dande'a

Published Dec. 11, 2023, 6:54 p.m. by FNN


Taye Dande'a's Removal Exposes Deep Divisions within the Government, Echoing Sentiments of Advocates for human rights and justice.

In a recent development, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ousted Minister of Peace Taye Dande'a from office, shedding light on the internal conflicts within the government. Dande'a's removal follows his vocal critique of the government's approach to conflicts, particularly its failure to reach an agreement with the Oromo Liberation Front-Oromo Liberation Army (OLF-OLA). This event underscores growing divisions within the government, with Dande'a's dismissal reflecting Abiy Ahmed's intolerance for voices advocating human rights and justice.

Taye highlighted that the government paints sacrifices made at war fronts as victory without caring for families of the diceased while living a lavish life and talking about parks and prosperity.  Dande'a's note directly addresses the sacrifices made in the Oromia region and Tigray by PP forces, accusing the government of minimizing the significance of these losses for political gain.

Following his removal, Taye Dande'a  penned a letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressing his initial belief in the rhetoric of unity, emboded by Abiy's manifesto known as Madamar. However, he claims to have witnessed a leadership that seemingly plays with human lives, particularly in supporting a war with severe consequences. Dande'a asserts that his removal came after advocating for peace and an end to the violence, suggesting a discord between his stance and Abiy's direction.

Dande'a expressed satisfaction that he did not remain silent against what he perceived as a conspiracy to harm the Oromo people from within. Despite the abrupt end to his ministerial position, he thanked the prime minister for the opportunity to speak out against actions he deemed detrimental.

Taye Dande'a concluded his statement with a commitment to continue his struggle for peace and brotherhood, hinting at ongoing advocacy for peace outside the confines of governmental power.

The removal of Minister Taye Dande'a unveils deep-rooted divisions within the Ethiopian government, especially in its handling of conflicts in Tigray and Oromia.The Ethiopian governmtnt has a culture of removing critical figures from its cabinet. Lama Magarsa, Xayiba Hassen, and Milkessa Midhagsa were among those who faced similar fates in the last five years. Lama and Xayba have been silent since their departure but Milkessa has been openly criticizing the regime for human right abuses on media and his social media pages. Dande'a's removal unveils the Ethiopian prime minister's intolerance for critical voices even within his circle.

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