Ayyaana Waggaa 1ffaa FNN

Published Oct. 16, 2021, 7:28 a.m. by FNN


Finfinne News Network bara Onk 20, 2020 ture sirnaan galmaa'ee kan dhaabbate. Waggaa darbe keessa bu'aa ba'ii hedduu keessa baanee gufuu nu mudatan irras aannee milkiin waggaa tokko guutnee jirra. 
Waggaa keenya ayyaaneffachuuf Sanbata Duraa Onkoloolessa 16, 2021 sagantaa qabna. Sagantaa keenyarratti argamuun FNN Tumsaa.
Jirbiin wal gargaartee arba hiiti. Ni injifanna. Tattaaffii keenyaan irra aanna. Kottaa qabsoo keenyaaf sagalee taanaa.
Finfinne News Network
Finfinne News Network was incorporated on October 20, 2020. We have overcome a lot of challenges and achieved a lot in the last year. It was the year we started delivering what we promised our people- create a voice for our national struggle for independence.
On October 16, we will celebrate our Anniversary, our achievements and renew our resolve to provide a quality media that becomes a voice for our nation. Come join us and help us continue the service that we started providing together. Support your media. Give us your constructive feedback.
Finfinne News Network
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