Citizens pay the price as terror reigns in Oromia: Time for Western Foreign Policy on Ethiopia to change direction

Published Aug. 17, 2022, 2:30 a.m. by FNN


The Oromia Support Group (OSG) has raised an alarm about the intensified widespread execution of Oromo civilians by the Ethiopian government forces and the Amhara regional military in the last few months. This press release follows the recent OSG report number 60 which detailed the killing of over 363  Oromo civilians which OSG reported as few among the over 650 Oromo civilians since the beginning of this year.

OSG attributed the continued mass killings and arbitrary killings of Oromos by the Ethiopian government forces and the Amhara regional forces to two main reasons: 1) to eradicate the support base of OLA and 2) to clear the Oromos of Oromia territories that are claimed by Amharas.   

In this press release, OSG reported the execution of more than 25 Oromos including a pregnant woman and minors in the month of August 2022 alone. The OSG also reported the  Fano Amhara militias drove away 100 cattle, 50 sheep, and brutally murdered an 8-month pregnant woman named Yimalee Andu’alem and her 3 year-old child while they were fleeing in the forest. 

Barbarism defines the government of Abiy Ahmed as pregnant women and children are not spared. Several of the victims were taken out of prisons and executed by the regime security forces and the bodies of the victims are thrown in the field. 

OSG criticised the western contries and powers failure to achieve peace and stability in Ethiopia and the region and explained it is due to western failure to engage with, or even acknowledge, the opinions and wishes of Ethiopia’s majority peoples- the Oromo.

 The Oromos are estimated to be over 40 million in Ethiopia but they also inhabit north Kenya, Somalia, and other surrounding countries in large numbers.

The Oromo youth spearheaded the revolution that brought about some changes in the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in 2018 but the OPDO, that was hands in glove with the TPLF  in the reign of terror in Oromia since 1991, filled the power vaccum and continued the terror with more vigore and intensity under Abiy Ahmed a former mastermind behind the regimes spy agency, the National Intelligency and Security Agency.    

The full text and evidences collected by the OSG are attached below. 

Note: FNN news report that was cited in this report was collected from Oromia and the news has also been reported by other Oromo media networks. 

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