Amhara Fano Terrorists Plan to Attack Civilians in Oromia in a Leaked Audio

Published Aug. 23, 2023, 10:02 p.m. by FNN



An audio recording has emerged, purportedly disclosing the intentions of Fano Amhara terrorists to carry out attacks on civilians within several areas of the Oromia region. The leaked audio, recently brought to public attention, captures a discussion among unidentified individual and one who called himself Zalalam and a member of the Fano group regarding their alleged plans to attack Oromo civilians and relocate the war in Amhara region to Oromia in response to the Ethiopian government's recent military operations in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

The leaked audio suggests that the group's purported targets include North Shawa, East Shawa, and Wallaga zones of Oromia. The Fano agent said it is easy to get to Adama via Minjar. He also mentioned Shano as a route to attack North Shawa. He promised to introduce the supporter to Shalaqa Mabiratu who he said operates in Wallaga, Oromia. The authenticity of the audio recording remains unverified, yet the tenor of the conversation raises serious questions about potential violence against the Oromo civilians in areas bordering the Amhara region.

Within the leaked audio, the Fano group frame these actions as a form of reprisal: "Whether they like it or not, they will be cleared from the Amhara region very soon.There is no reason to fight in Gondar and Bashirdar, we have now decided to take the battle field into Oromia. We have already started operations in Shawa zone of Oromia. Our message is clear – we shall massacre civilian Oromos and strike at their infrastructure. The time has come to make them understand the gravity of their actions. Oromia is more condusive to fight due to its landscape. You make the Oromia region the battle field. "

The audio conversation also underscores the group's apparent need for recruitment, suggesting their determination to bolster their forces in pursuit of their alleged objectives. They have also said the the infantry units of the goverment have been weakened and now the government relies on drones and aerial attacks.

Reacting to these revelations, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), situated in North West (NW) Shawa, has issued a robust statement condemning the plans of the Fano terrorist group. The OLA asserts its preparedness to defend its territory and repel any potential intrusion by the Fano terrorists. The OLA commander in NW Shawa said, "Oromia shall not stand by while innocent civilians are subjected to violent attack by the Fano Amhara terrorists. We are fully equipped and ready to protect our people and our land. The violent aspirations of Fano will not go unchallenged."

As the authenticity of the leaked audio and the veracity of the claims remain unverified, the Ethiopian government has yet to release an official statement regarding the audio or the alleged plans attributed to Fano militants.

Human rights organizations and international bodies have not yet responded to the reported audio leak. The situation warrants close monitoring, with international observers likely to demand transparency and accountability should the claims be substantiated.

FNN  has yet to verify the authenticity of the leaked audio but given the Fano groups have track record of attacking civilains and adopt a brutal treatment of unarmed civilians in Oromia, the audio is highly likely to have originated from fano.    

This development also increases the level of travel risk to international trourists and travelers. In July 2023, a senior Israeli citizen was taken hostage in the Amhara region which is likely the work of the Fano terrorists. He was only released when the Ethiopian government forces along with interpole conducted an operation to get the victim released. The US State Department has recently upgraded its travel advisory to Ethiopia to "Reconsider Travel" , a grade 3 travel warning which is only a second to the last grade travel advisory. The US lists crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and others as reasons for the heightened warning. Other countries have also issued a similar travel advisory as the US. The Australian government has issued a mixture of grade 3 and grade 4 advisories. Canada also has issued  "Donot Travel"  (grade 4) and grade 3  advisory to very specific areas in Oromia region and north Ethiopia. Many other countries have issued similar travel advisories while Israel has evacuated about 200 of its citizens from Ethiopia.

Those travelling to Ethiopia should be cautious as the Fano terrorists continue to pose danger to Oromo civilians and international travelors.           


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